Candle of the month – October


Well..  Now that it’s mid-October, there’s no denying that fall is upon us.  This month I picked up a totally festive, but still fun fall candle.  Blueberry Pumpkin Patch by Bath and Body Works.  You may be catching on by now, that I really like the Bath & Body Works candles, I think they burn the cleanest and they have the best fragrances.  (Trust me; I’ve tried a LOT of candles over the past few years.)  I do however refuse to pay full price for them; I will only buy the candles when they’re on sale.  The sale price used to be 2 for $20 but Bath and Body Works has recently changed this promo to 2 for $22.  I heard this weekend that they were on sale,  so I decided to swing by and stock up.  I think I ended up picking up 8 candles, a few of which are for my 2nd Annual Favorite Things Party- coming up in December!

I actually had gotten a free mini candle coupon a few weeks back, and when I stopped in to re-stock my hand soap supply I picked this one up.  I think I grabbed this one because they were out of all of the ones that I actually wanted, but I’m kind of glad that I picked it up.  Otherwise, it’s not one that I would have ever picked up on my own.  After burning the mini a few times, I decided I really liked it. It’s very unusual for me to pick a food scented candle, or really anything food scented, unless it’s real food! I don’t want to smell like a vanilla cupcake, and I certainly don’t need my house smelling like one either!  So the fact that this has the blueberry scent thrown in there is me stepping outside the box. That being said, I really like it, and I don’t get that artificial smell that usually is my biggest turn off for food scented things.  I think this is a nice change from the usual fall scents.



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