What’s Your Wedding Vision?


Before you start making any big wedding decisions, I think it’s crucial to have a vision. Having a developed vision will also make decision making for your wedding easier.

When I sat down to define my wedding vision at first it was difficult.. there are so many options! This is great, but it can be totally overwhelming. Here are my tips to help you develop a wedding vision.

1. Do some research

I had been pinning to three pinterest boards quite some time before we got engaged. They ended up being a huge help when creating my wedding vision: General Wedding Ideas, Wedding Fashion & Hair, and Wedding Floral Ideas. After getting engaged, I went back through to see what I had previously pinned. In doing so, I started noticing some common themes. If you’re on Pinterest look back through your pins… if you’re not on Pinterest or haven’t visited the wedding section.. check it out!

If you’re not into Pinterest, you can accomplish the same thing by picking up a few wedding magazines start flipping through and circling things you like.

You can also check out wedding websites to browse what other brides have done to get a feel for what you’re into. Some of my favorites to see real weddings are: Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings, A Northwoods Wedding, Country Weddings and The Knot.

2. Do a Little Daydreaming

When you close your eyes and think of your perfect day.. what does it look like.. make a list:

  • Where are you?
  • What are you wearing?
  • What time of day is it?
  • What season is it?
  • Who’s with you? (What are they wearing)

3. Identify Trends

As you’re doing your research and your daydreaming you’re probably going to start noticing some trends. For example, you’ve circled 15 pictures that include red roses.. you might want to think about incorporating roses and/or the color red into your big day. Maybe you’ll find that you’re dreaming of a rustic, fall inspired wedding with yellow, orange, and red flowers… Don’t discredit these trends.. Embrace them!

4. Put It on Paper

If you had to describe your perfect wedding to someone in once sentence, what would you say? Write it down!

If you had to describe your relationship to someone using only three adjectives, what would they be? Write them down!

If you could only pick three adjectives to describe your perfect wedding, what would they be? Write them down!

If you had to prioritize the different elements of your wedding, what three things are most important to you? What are your finance’s top three priorities? Write them down!

5. From Paper to Reality

Knowing what you want, and having a clear vision will make your planning process so much easier. You can save yourself time, you know what you want.. Don’t waste time looking at things that don’t fit into your vision

Here are just a few examples:

  • If you’re set on a laid back, rustic, fall wedding– you can eliminate the venues that don’t have any fall dates available. You can also eliminate the ultra modern lounge that your Aunt Sally thinks would be ‘just perfect’ for your big day.
  • If you walk into your florist appointments knowing you want red rose bouquets she can tailor the appointment around that.
  • If you’re planning an ultra modern affair, when you start looking at invitations online, start by filtering on the ‘modern’ designs. Don’t even bother looking at hundreds of ‘vintage’ invitations.

Knowing what you want, and having a clear vision will also help you to plan a cohesive event. You can really complicate things if you start making decisions without a clear vision of what you want your day to be. Then, later on when you do determine what your vision is you may not be able to change certain elements that no longer fit.

What is your wedding day vision? How did you develop it?




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