Confessions Of A Product Hoarder

I’ve have a problem… a product problem. At this moment I have approximately five different half used bottles of shampoo/conditioner under my sink. Body wash? I bet I’ve got six. Don’t even look in my lotion drawer, its jam packed. My ‘collection’ used to be much more extensive, a few months ago, I donated all the things I knew I’d never use to some local children who would enjoy the products.

There are some items that I just can’t bear to part ways with, either because I love them and I don’t want to finish them (am I the only person who does this?) or they’re for a ‘special occasion’ which never seems to come, some of the things I’m holding onto I don’t really even like but they were expensive so I don’t want to throw them away. But then somehow, even thought I have seventeen perfectly good bottles of lotion at home, when I’m at target and one catches my eye I forget this and the new lotion magically makes its way into my cart. I’ve been reading the book I ordered a few weeks ago Skinnygirl Solutions and Bethenney writes about how she is constantly editing her possessions. In her example, she was mostly talking about her closet (that’s a post for another day) but I found it relatable to my product problem. The clutter stresses me out, and I know I’m being wasteful. Now that it’s getting cooler out, and we’re going to be cooped up inside all winter, what better time than now to take care of my product problem!

1. Get organized: this week I’m going to go through all of my products again and sort out anything I’m not really going to use.
2. Take inventory of what I’m keeping and neatly organize it.
3.(Perhaps the most critical part) I WILL NOT buy another product until I’ve used up the five million that I already have.



2 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Product Hoarder

  1. I completely relate to this post. I have an irrational fear that if I run out of a product without a backup (or twelve) on hand, the world will end. It’s a double edged sword: the clutter is stressful but the idea of throwing out unused items seems wasteful. I LOVE your steps and am inspired to have a go at decluttering! Fall cleaning will be the new spring cleaning : )

    • Do it! I will have to post a before and after picture of my organized spaces!

      Sidenote: I’m totally blaming the product hoarding on BBW! If you’re getting rid of things, I reccommend looking for somewhere to donate to instead of pitching. Last time, I had a contact who worked at a home for children and she told me they went CRAZY over the lotions, nail polishes etc… Other ideas: a womens shelter, if you have a bathroom at work, leave a lotion or two in there for your colleagues to enjoy. I also sometimes let my friends/family look through to see if they want anything before I get rid of it.

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