Candle of the Month- September

Candle Of the Month

I couldn’t pick just one candle for the month of September this afternoon when I stopped into my local Bath & Body Works store. I picked two of my go to, fall favorite candles Leaves & Autumn.

Since I stayed totally within my comfort zone on the scents, I decided to branch out a bit on the product forms. I’m usually a 3-wick candle fan but lately I haven’t been good about burning the whole candle before the seasons up. Bath & Body Works has these somewhat new ‘mason jar candles’ that I thought I’d give a whirl. It also didn’t hurt that they were on sale, 2 for $15—If there’s anything I love more than candles, it’s candles that are on SALE!

I’m currently burning Autumn in the living room, it’s a crisp fall scent that blends dark pomegranate and red delicious apple with notes of fir balsam and rich cedarwood. In the kitchen I’m burning the Leaves candle, which is a rich blend of golden nectar, red apple and spiced berries.

Our living room & kitchen aren’t really separate spaces, so it’s important to me when picking two different candles that they complement each other. I think these two fit the bill perfectly!




3 thoughts on “Candle of the Month- September

  1. What is the burn like on the new mason jar design? You will appreciate this story: I was pumped because the candle collection in my closet only had 1 fall candle. I was looking forward to finishing that one off and maybe picking up a new scent or two. Well, I went to unpack all my fall decorations….and found FOUR more. So much for that plan! Luckily, 2012 Logan picked great scents and I am excited to burn the ones I found!

    • I was surprised it burned evenly (my biggest qualm about the mini candles is that they don’t.) I love the 3-wicks, but these are a nice alternative. What scents did you end up finding in your fall decorations?

      • A brand new apple, marshmallow fireside, mahogany teakwood, and a black pepper bergamont. I think I have a mini fireside too. Plus I have a few ceramic ones that still have candle left to burn….

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