Party Weekend

This weekend was a fun one!  We kicked it off with our engagement party on Friday, and Saturday night we celebrated my sister’s graduation.

My parents were kind enough to host the party at their house. Since I knew they’d be doing a lot of cooking the next day, and since I enjoy cooking I decided to plan and execute the menu for our party.  I wanted to do something that I knew I could do well, so I decided to go with a taco bar. I made chicken and beef tacos, with a good variety of sides (think salsa, guac, taco dip, Mexican rice, and beans!)  What fiesta would be complete without Margaritas, which I think were a crowd favorite!  I have to thank my Aunt Dawn who came over Friday to hang out and help me cook, and chop the garnishes for the tacos.  She was such a big help, and it was great to have some quality time together.

G and I

It was so great to see so many of our friends and family!  We really appreciated the effort that many people made to come celebrate with us, we feel so blessed to have such good family & friends!

G and I2


Saturday, we celebrated my sister’s graduation from U of I. I can’t believe in just a few short weeks she’ll be moving to Wisconsin, congrats Michele!


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