Setting the Date

For the longest time, people would ask us ‘when are you getting engaged?’ It comes with the territory when you’ve been dating FOR-EV-ER.  Once we shared the news of our engagement it took seconds for the first person to ask  ‘when’s the wedding?!?’  For us, picking a date ended up actually being pretty easy.

Quite a few years ago (maybe 5 or 6?) we were driving around and talking about how we would one day get married.  We thought it would be cute to get married on the same date that we had our first date, May 30th.  I looked through my phone calendars to see the next time May 30th was a Saturday.  It turned out that 2009 was the next time, but we quickly ruled that out seeing as I’d still be away at school and we knew that we for sure wanted to wait until after I had graduated.  I kept flipping through the years, and we found that 2015 was the next time May 30th was on a Saturday.  So from that day forward when people asked we would jokingly say that we were getting married in 2015.

For about a nanosecond after we got engaged, I tried to convince G that we shouldn’t really wait for 2015.  We thought about just moving the date up to 2014, but May 30th falls on a Friday in 2014.  We weren’t crazy about having a Friday wedding, so that meant we were back to the wedding-date-drawing-board.   I knew I wanted a summer wedding, which helped to narrow it down to June, July, or August.   We quickly ruled out August, as we (and most of our friends) seem to have August birthdays.  So that really left us June or July.  I really love the feel of a nice warm July night; the kind where you don’t need a jacket because it’s warm enough.  That’s probably my favorite kind of summer night and I thought it would be perfect for a wedding.  Then I remembered those warm July nights come after HOT July days… the kind of day where your hair frizzes and makeup melts off your face the minute you step outside.  Eeek! Okay maybe rushing for 2014 wasn’t going to be the best idea. After talking it over we decided we were totally fine with waiting an extra year if it meant we could tie the knot on our special day.   A few people might think we’re crazy to have such a long engagement; but the way I see it what’s the rush at this point? It’s already been 10 years, what’s one more year!

There are definitely some perks to a longer engagement.  A lot of the venues we’ve met with are already booked for next summer, so it’s nice that this way we can have our pick of venues and vendors. Plus, some places are even willing to let us lock in 2013 rates, which is a nice way to save a bit of money. So far, I’m enjoying the whole planning process, from researching different options, reading reviews, and setting up meetings—it’s nice to be able to take my time and not feel rushed that we have to make decisions right away.


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