Wedding Pinspiration

I wanted to take some time today to share some of my wedding inspiration, courtesy of Pinterest. I’ve been pinning things to my wedding boards since long before we got engaged.

1.) If you’ve been to our home, you probably noticed that I LOVE candles. I blame all the years I spent working at Bath and Body Works for fueling this addiction. I have candles in almost every room of our house. Naturally, I’m envisioning candles as part of our tablescapes. I’m sure they’ll bring a nice glow and ambiance to our reception.

2.) I’ve never really understood the point of a guest book. What do people do with them after their wedding anyways? I’ve seen some cute alternatives to a guest book, but when I came across the fingerprint tree I fell in LOVE. This will become a piece of unique art that we will keep in our home for years to come. I think in addition to the fingerprints, I’d like people to sign their names as well.

3.) Purple is my favorite color, green is G’s. It was a simple decision to use those as our color scheme and I honestly couldn’t love it more. The Knot may have picked it as one of 20 crazy color combos that actually work. What do you think, is it crazy?

4.) I think this bouquet perfectly captures my vision for our color scheme. I love the pinks, the various shades of purple, and the bright pop of green. I think this color palette will be fresh, and perfect for our late spring wedding.

5.) Lately, I’ve been loving lace. I really hope when the time comes I’m able to find a flattering lace wedding dress to wear on our big day. Here are some of my current favorites…


Are you on Pinterest? Have you ever used it to help you plan for an event?


One thought on “Wedding Pinspiration

  1. Great first post! The amount of text is balanced perfectly with the number of pictures. And I love the “share this” links at the bottom. We are definitely alike because I love all of these ideas. Obviously my favorite is the color scheme because I’m obsessed with crazy color combinations that work. I can’t wait to read your future posts!

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